Baby Overall With Cute Little Hippos

Babies are ridiculously cute, they are absolutely gorgeous. And I have two babies in my vicinity, well one and one in the making (one of my friends is six months pregnant), to sew for. 
One of these babies is this lovely adorable darling boy, 6 months old and his mother asked me to make him an overall. Colour choice and applications were all up to me (picture me here gleefully rubbing my hands together, imaging all the colourful possibilities, hehe)

First of all I had to find a sewing pattern which I did from this lovely lady here - sui-generis-design, who offerd this great ebook and pattern for a Latzhose. She offeres lots of different sizes, so lots more possibilities to create. 

As for this little mite, I chose size 80, which I didn't know existed before sewing stuff for baby.
The fabric I chose was terry cloth (Frottee) in light green-yellow with lots of cute hippos, I got the same fabric in blue, too, for later purpose. You can't see the lining, but for that I chose a light blue jersey with mushrooms. Sooo cute. 

I appliqued a little monster with one tooth showing, as this little poppy also has a few teeth growing already. The trouser legs are finished off with constricting cuffs made from yellow and purple striped jersey, and I added some kam snaps to attach the straps to the bodice. 
Can I say it again without sounding boring? 
As I was done sewing, this thing looked huge, no way would this lovely cute little boy fit into this humongous tent of an overall, I thought I had done something wrong. When we tried it on to my suprise, I must admit, it was a loose fit, but in no ways what I had imagined it to be, in just a few weeks, well maybe one or two months, it will fit and then a month later it will probably be a tight fit. The little mite is quite big for his age, well all the better, it means he will be a tall man some day (which I don't really want to imagine, because that will mean I'm old and this cute baby won't be a cute little baby any longer)

So obviously there is going to be a lot more baby sewing to be seen in the future.
Babies aware, I'm coming for you...
(to measure you up and clothe you in things you will be embarrassed of when your in your teens, Ha)


  1. so so so süß. Ich bin durch Dein Blog auf die tolle Stufenrockanleitung gestossen :) Tausend Dank, ich hatte sowas schon so lang gesucht ♥

    LG Yafe


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