MMMAY '14 - week 4 round up

Another week has gone by and I spent most of it in Hamburg. I had a great time, walked for miles and miles, saw lots of interesting, curious and lovely things, ate a great deal of healthy and unhealthy foods and got caught in the sun and so now my nose and forehead are covered in freckles.

Day 19:
Hamburg, here I come. Today was a travelling day, so I wanted to wear something relatively comfortable and warm as it was still quite cool outside.

Dress: Shirt dress, Simplicity 7542 blogged here
Top: Cropped Moneta Sweater
Longsleeve Top: New Yorker
Scarf: Amsterdam, market
Tights: C&A

Day 20:
First day of exploring Hamburg, found this lovely rhododendron bush near the hotel, just had to take a picture in front of it and as it was getting warmer and sun shining brighter, I got my sunglasses out, lovely.

Dress: Dotted  and Laced Lady Skater Dress, not yet blogged
Longsleeve Top: New Yorker
Scarf: Liberty
Tights: C&A
Sunglasses: Fielmann

Day 21:
Weather was soooo hot, it felt as if the temperature went up to 30°C, phew, damn hot, but fantastic, summer feeling everywhere. I was finally feeling warm and I felt safe enough to shed a few layers. I am standing here with a silhouette sculpture of George Harrison in the background, at least I think it's him. This is the Beatles Plaza right in the middle of St. Pauli, on the otherside is the beginning of the red light district, and as it was early in the morning, nearly no one was around. Later we went for a boat ride on the Alster, soaked in some sun and had some lovely delicious vegan burger at Mangold in the Karolinenviertel.

Dress: Coco by Tilly and The Buttons, not yet blogged
Earrings: bought in a lovely little shop in the Karolinenviertel in Hamburg
Scarf: Liberty
Sunglasses: Fielmann
Tights: C&A
Shoes: Onitsuka Rio Runner

Day 22:
Fabric shopping is just the greatest preoccupation there is, I could do it for hours on end, especially here in Frau Tulpes shop, they've got sooo lovely fabrics and haberdashery and patterns and and and. I didn't get much, as it was early in the day and i didn't want to have to carry a whole bunch of fabric around with me the entire day, especially as we went to the beach, so I restircted myself to 2m of fabric and accessories for a jacket I want to make.
Dress: Little black dress, blogged here
Belt: me made
Tights/socks: C&A
Sunglasses: Fielmann
Bag: me made, blogged here
Shoes: Gola Sneaker

Day 23:
It was raining the entire day, that means it was museums day and there were no good opportunities to take good pics, so I just took a quick one in the hotel room.

Dress: Colette's Hawthorn Dress, not yet blogged
Scarf: Amsterdam Market
Jacket: H&M
Belt: S'Oliver
Earrings: bought in a lovely little shop in the Karolinenviertel in Hamburg
Leggings: Bonprix

 Day 24:
Last day in Hamburg, so I wanted to wear something comfortable again and as I didn't pack enough dresses for every day we spent in Hamburg, I opted for wearing my Coco dress again, as it really is one of the most comfortable dresses I own, but alas, repetition.

Dress: Coco by Tilly and The Buttons
Tights: C&A
 Day 25:
Just back from my holiday and already I have to go back to work. It's a wonderful day, sun is shining, weather feels nice and warm, yet I'm back to wearing layers, I donned another Tshirt and Jacket before venturing outside, I'm such a wuss. To make up for my lapse on my part yesterday I am wearing three things I sewed or remade.
I hate short sleeves, all my sleeves have to reach at least to my elbows, otherwise I feel uncomfortable, so if I buy a shirt, I usually have to lenghten the sleeves, which I do differently each time. I have added an extra band of jersey to sleeves, pretty bands or some lace also works fine. But the best way to add lenght is of course to make your shirt yourself and cut out the right lenght beforehand, duh!!

Skirt: upcycled from this tunic I made
Slip: me made, underneath the skirt and top
Top: C&A, but I added a band to the sleeves, so upcycled
Tights: C&A


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