Striped Coco Dress with Polkadot Pockets

 May is quite exciting, sewingwise, bloggers are not only participating in the Me Made May '14 challenge and tackling the task of wearing as many me made items as possible, but it is also Sewing Indie Month. Sewing Indie Month is all about making new friends and sewing great garments.
I have seen lots of great indie patterns making their tour around several different blogs and have fell in love with lots of differnet styles.
 I have only tried just a few so far, but I really love their eye for detail and design and I have many different patterns on my wishlist, which I want to try out very soon.

You've probably already heard of Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons. I first noticed her on the Great British Sewing Bee and have since then been following her blog. I just love her style and her lovely takes on the breton dress and anthing she makes really.
As her pattern for the Coco dress came out, I knew immediately that I had to get it. I bought it instantely, but didn't get around to making it until this month and I thought what a great coincidence, as the style and fit goes perfectly with Cashmerette's EverydayCasual theme.

So, here we go, in all my glory, my striped Coco Dress surrounded by Beatles sculptures.
The Beatles and this dress are a match made in heaven, ain't it so??

Of course I had to copy Tilly and make a striped Coco, I love stripes and they go so well with this style of dress. And I even matched up the side seams, the stripes match up from top to bottom, yeah!! *Imagine me jumping up and down with joy*

I cut the dress out one size larger than I normally would have and took in the top part, so I would have a fitted top and more of a flare in the skirt part. I prefer fabric to flow around my hips instead of a tight snug fit, okay, it doesn't really hug the hips anyway, but now it actally flares if you twirl around or the wind blows.
Additionally, I added about 15cm to the bottom of the dress - I am 6'1, Tilly looks rather small compared to me, and the dress already looks pretty short on her figure, so I definitely had to add some length to my dress.
To give the dress a little twist, I cut out the sleeve band vertically instead of parallel, and I quite like the effect.

Overall, I must say, this dress is really very easy to make, it was a breeze putting in the sleeves and sewing it up took no time at all, I can absolutely recommend it to any beginner seamstress.

And while I really adore stripes, I love polkadots even more and so I added the pockets in a black and white polkadot fabric which really makes the dress stand out even more.
Ringo Starr and George Harrison agree, as you can see ;)


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