MMMAY '14 - week 5 last round up

Wow, May is over and ohmygod, it felt rather long due to me taking a pic nearly every day. It was worth it though, and lots of fun, trying to keep up with my pledge, thinking about what to wear and finding out, what my wardrobe is lacking in. I'm pretty sure now that I won't be buying to many RTW clothes for a while, because I do like my handmade wardrobe so much more, it definitely is more me and it feels pretty good to wear mostly handmade items. I also loved to see what others had made up and wearing on a daily basis and, alas, got me inspired to make more garments
(noooooo, my wardrobe says, there's no room in here!!!!)

Day 26:
No pic. Monday was my Sunday, so I stayed in my PJs and did quite a bit of sewing, but I didn't wear anything handmade, buhu. Don't care, just have to do better next time and write Lounge/Homewear write at the top of my To Sew-List.

Day 27:
Rainy day and fresher than the last few days, but not too bad. Rummaged around my wardrobe and pulled a Burda dress from a hanger which hasn't seen the light since last May??? Yeah, I made this dress last year and wore it on Holiday, but have not worn it since then? Why the hell not? I really like this dress, I love the fabric and the style of the dress is also what I wear all the time. I have no clue.

Longsleeve Top: Esprit
Tights: Calzedonia
Flower: Peonies

Day 28:
Unexpectedly I had to work quite long today, so was pretty hungry, because I didn't take lunch with me, so I stuffed my face with choco and didn't do sport, shame on me, I was so looking forward to doing 150 squats, situps and burpees... not!! So I just wore a new modified version of the Lady Skater Dress by KitshyCoo and swayed while walking. I do love a wide flared skirt with lace edge.

Belt: me made
Top: Esprit
Tights: Calzedonia

Day 29:
I'm really getting out the summer clothes now, it's still quite fresh but I need a bit of summer feeling, at least dresswise I can pretend as if it were summer. Another knit dress for comfort while working, but got soaked by the rain on my way home, so I am quite damp in this pic.

Dress: Striped knit dress
Top: New Yorker
Tights: C&A

 Day 30:
Summer, I am here if you're ready to come out and play? I'll be waiting right outside in the sun, if you're so inclined.
Fresh, it was really fresh today, I don't really know what to wear at the moment, it's pretty cold midday and in the evening it gets warmer, what? Isn't it supposed to be the other way round? I don't get it. 
Whateva, I'm weraing my new green lace dress and I'm pretty happy with how it tunred out, yeah okay, I might have to make it a little longer, by adding more lace to teh bottom, but I think that would be just awesome!!! Green to the rescue of a weather low.

Dress: modified Lady Skater Dress, not yet blogged
Top: New Yorker
Earrings: a gift
Tights: C&A
Stash: the dresses in the background, which are still waiting to be finished

Day 31:
Last day of May and finally the warm weather is back and I have every excuse to wear my summer dresses for real now. I'm wearing my Emery/Simplicity 2444 mash up and I love it, so this is how I am celebrating the last day of the MeMadeMay-challenge.

Dress: My Holland Emery Simplicity 2444 Pattern Hack
Belt/Earrings: me made
Top: New Yorker
Tights: C&A


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