Black and White Polkadot Emery Dress

Like ice in the sunshine, I'm melting away, On THIS sunny daaaayyyyyy

It's really summer now, with it comes lots of sun, warm weather and sweating feeling very warm.
So, summer calls for light and airy clothing, which leave you room to breathe. I prefer dresses, therefore I had to make a few new ones, that are warm weather appropriate. And nothing says summer and sunny weather like white dresses, does it now??

Yet, I don't like wearing white, but this dress has a lot more to offer than just plain white, because white, well, white is just a no go. I cannot pull off wearing a completely white dress, I would simply stain it within the first ten minutes of wearing it, that's just me and my clumsiness. Thus, I would never buy white fabric to make myself something to wear out of it. Naah...
But this is different, you see, this is not just white, so yes, okay, it has a black collar, and I also made another dress out of that black fabric, too, but the dress itself is white with black polkadots! And if you know me, then you know I can't pass up any kind of polkadot, I just have to get it, even if it's white ;)

The fabric is a very light weight cotton with a very soft touch to it and also a teesny bit stretchy, so it's ideal for hot weather. As it is very light, it is also quite sheer, it's actually so translucent, that everything shines through, if you go for that sort of thing, hey, all the power to you, but I don't want my bra to show, so of course I had to line the bodice and skirt; I used white tafteta for that.

I used the long sleeve pattern of the Emery dress, but shortened it to elbow length, otherwise I didn't change much anywhere else, apart from omitting the zipper once again, there's enough room to wiggle in and out of the dress, so there, no need to hassle with a blasted zipper.

The collar is made up of black embroidered light cotton, tacked down small stitches in a few places, so it doesn't roll up. I added a white button, sewn on with black thread, to the middle of the collar, to add some contrast.
I like to pair the dress with large black earrings and a black belt, although I will have to buy one still, the one I'm weraing is actually dark petrol.

Don't mind all the loose threads on me, I always seem to be covered in them, it used to be dog hairs, now it's thread, and no matter how many times I pick them off, a moment later some new ones appear.

Honestly, the collar is evenly placed at the back, I'm just standing awkwardly here.


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