Clothes Collection

My Holland Emery Simplicity 2444 Hack

My Holland Emery Dress

Polkadot Craze Lady Skater Dress

Swing Dress

Polkadot Dress in Turquoise Burda 7080

My First Polkadot Lady Skater Dress

Finally a Green Dress
Lacetastic Dress
Petrol Knit Dress
Tartan Shirtblouse Dress

Petrol Knit Dress
Black and White Striped Knit Dress

Black and White Summer Dress
Navy Blue Circle Skirt with Polkadot Hem
Linen and Lace Dress
Stripes Meet Petrol Dress
 Purple Knit Dress
Hippie Skirt

Summer Dress

Baby Overall with Hippos
Coat Buttons Makeover

Pink Wool Coat with Owl

Maxi Summer Dress

Tshirt Upcycling
Amy Rock von jolijou

Amy Skirt Pattern by jolijou

Amy Rock Schnitt von jolijou

Woolen Loop Scarf

Paint an Elephant onto a Tshirt and everything will be alright

Loop Scarf

Black and White Skirt

Bright Green Flower Skirt

Lavender Knit Top

Black Linen Dress

Lavender Tunique

Mocca Flower Dress

Fabric Belt

Fabric Scraps Loop Scarf

Knit Top

Trousers in Grey

Trousers in Pink


Tshirt with Kimono Sleeves

Frida Skirt


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